Friday, July 31, 2020


Coming this August. Order it now right here:

A IS FOR APPLE UNLESS is an ABC book written for kids. It's not a book designed to provide deep social insight or a message for our time or any of that crap. It's meant to provide a great time reading it. It's meant to make kids and adults laugh. Heck, someone might even learn their ABCs along the way, but even that is not the main intent. A IS FOR APPLE UNLESS... is really a collection of irreverent jokes molded into an alphabet book. 

I'll come back and share more about it. Really I will. But if you know a small child who thinks farts are funny, this is the book for them. 

Oh, and a shout out to Mark Hoffman, the illustrator who ties all this together in a delightful, interconnected way.

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