Monday, August 13, 2012

The March of the Penguin

Dear Reader, I'm looking for advice.

Here's the latest email from my elusive prey, the editor at Penguin:

So I’m not quite done with SETH, but I did show some pages to a colleague of mine who’s really good at her job and whose opinion I value. She raised some interesting questions and concerns that she feels should be addressed before I bring SETH to acquisitions. Thinking about it, I can see her point.
Do you think Tom would be willing to work on the book with me so we can get it in the best shape possible before I show it to my publisher? I can’t guarantee a contract, but worst case scenario we get it to a place where another editor might take it.
What do you think? I really like this book and want to see it published. But I think my friend is right; it’s not close enough yet for me to get a “yes.”
Let me know what Tom thinks, and I’ll start working on some notes for him.

What should I do, Dear Reader?Should I walk away and hope for a better offer somewhere else? Or should I jump at this chance? 

All he is saying, is give Penguin a chance.

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Josh Kilen said...

Go for it. If you're not going to pursue publishing it yourself, then this seems like a great possibility. What could you reasonably expect from another deal? Would it be substantially better? One in the hand is worth two in one's bush... or something like that.