Friday, September 16, 2011

Shhhh...It's a secret!

I'm part of a new artistic project that I am so excited about, but can't yet talk about. it is the coolest thing I've become involved with, well, since the founding of Beautiful Angle.

The best part about it--just like the best part about the Angle, is that I get to work with such amazingly talented and fascinating people, including:

Amazing designers:

Lance Kagey
Adam Welch
Brian Hutcheson
Chelsey Scheffe
Chloe Scheffe
Waymond Hampton

Astounding photographers:

Tyler Kalberg
Sharon Styer
Dylan Priest
Kristen Tourtillotte

One luminous illustrator:

James Stowe

Remarkable writers:

Michael Sullivan
Eric Jacobsen
Dennis Flannigan
Art Chantry
Dan Voelpel
Tim Isaacson
Mary Boone

And brilliant people who get sh*t done:

Ken King
Dana Kagey

This project is coming your way very soon. One month, to be exact! You'll be able to see it, it interact with it, read it, and, of course, buy it. And you will want to own one for your own.

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