Monday, September 19, 2011

Print is dead. Long live print.

The magazine is dead. As a realistic medium, magazines are dust. In the ground and in the grave and never coming back.

That's why we're launching a magazine. Because death is the first step in new life.

When I say WE, I mean amazing artists, photographers, writers, designers and contributors like Lance Kagey, Art Chantry,Tyler Kalberg, Brian Hutcheson, Chloe and Chelsie Scheffe, James Stowe, Michael Sullivan, Eric Jacobsen, Dennis Flannigan, Mary Boone and others.

It's time to re-imagine the magazine, not as a news medium, but as the newest art form.

Join us for the launch party on Friday, October 14 at Fulcrum Gallery in Tacoma.

Long live the magazine. Long live print.

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John K. said...

This is very cool, Tom