Tuesday, August 16, 2011

The Tilting House

Have you checked out my first book? It's called The Tilting House and it was published by Tricycle Press an imprint of Random House Kids.

Here's a few of the reviews by some of my favorite critics:

Review, Publishers Weekly, June 21, 2010:"Llewellyn's debut is inventive, gripping, and shot through with macabre details."

Review, Kirkus Reviews:
"...a genre-blending page-turner with plenty of room in its eaves for sequels. One to watch."

Review, Booklist, August 1, 2010:"Llewellyn’s first novel takes the classic family-in-a-new-house motif and mixes in just the right creaky touches of the macabre..."

Review, Lit Fest Magazine.com, June 21, 2010:"The Tilting House will tickle and entertain young readers and draw great appreciation from parents."

Review, The News Tribune, June 4, 2010: “Kids ages 7 and older will love this book—this reviewer’s own daughter did—because there’s exactly the right mix of magic, science, adventure, mystery, and heroic kids.”

Review, Book Trends, August 1, 2010:"In a book with a slanting house, The Tilting House is a slant in the right direction. I hope it entertains children, as it did me, for many more years to come." —Brandon, 7th grade student. Rating: 5 stars

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