Tuesday, August 30, 2011

The Tacoma settings of A Matter of Life and Seth + sweet pea

My recently completed manuscript, A Matter of Life and Seth, is my most Tacoma-centric book to date. It's a young adult novel, but written in noir style. In the same way that noir master Raymond Chandler made 1930s Los Angeles into an almost-living character in his books, I wanted to get painterly in my chosen setting of Tacoma.

The following landmarks are featured in the story:

Frisko Freeze
King's Books
MSM Deli
Stadium High School
Pho Bac
Ruston Way
The grain silos
The brewery district
The Wedge neighborhood
Trinity Presbyterian Church
The North End
The Hilltop

There are also a number of other businesses that were used for inspiration, but whose names will be forever protected.

The book will also feature an important minor character who runs an independent bookstore. His name is sweet pea. I asked permission of The Man Himself and got it.

Give a little love to Kings Books.

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