Wednesday, May 21, 2008

The contract is in the mail

After ten years of serious work, submissions of four fully-written books, and 120 months of frustration, uncertainty and hope, I've just sent my first signed contract to Tricycle Press for The Tilting House.

According to my editor, the oh-so-wonderful Abigail Samoun, the book will likely come out in hardcover in fall of 2009 or spring of 2010.

More waiting. Whee.

Between now and then likely comes three rounds of revisions. Abigail and the Tricycle folks get all the choices on the cover illustration and layout, which I really wish I had more say in. But you know, I'm a team player. And a bit desperate.

I suppose I'm more hopeful than ever.

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EddieD said...

That is fantastic, Tom! For those of us who pursue creative endeavors, seeing the success of others can be an encouraging thing. I am only about 36 months into my own journey to become a published songwriter, and maybe I should start my own blog to chronicle that endeavor. I hope when The Tilting House comes out the publisher can help build some buzz around it so that the first printing quickly turns into the second, the third, etc.