Tuesday, November 27, 2012

It might be done. It just might.

Today I received my manuscript for A Matter of Life and Seth back from my agent, the esteemed Abigail Samoun. In her accompanying email, she wrote, "Excellent work Tom! Glad I pushed you. Glad you let yourself be pushed. It's reading beautifully. Just a few small notes and edits--then we'll be ready to go back to Editor X." Of course, she didn't call him (or her) Editor X. She used the real name of the actual editor at Penguin Young Readers Group.

I made the changes in about an hour and sent it back. Now it's more waiting. In the mean time, I'm on to another manuscript. This one is a crazy take on a New World tale--invasive species, new technologies, unintended consequences, blood, battles, mayhem, and, of course, love. Tralala.

Having never actually met Editor X, I don't know what she (or he) looks like. Could it be that he (or she) looks like this?

or this?

or, perhaps, like this?

That last one looks amazing. Here's what they sound like.

Obviously, "Agent X" is a much more popular name than Editor X. What's an author to do?

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