Monday, August 22, 2011

Wayzgoose? What the @#$% is a wayzgoose?

On August 27, 2011, Beautiful Angle, a letterpress poster project cofounded by Lance Kagey and me, will be taking part in the 10th annual SVC Wayzgoose and Steamroller Smackdown.

A wayzgoose is a gathering of printers. This is your opportunity to check out some of the coolest letterpress talent in the Northwest, which, by the way, is a center of letterpress arts.

We’ll also be printing massive letterpress posters with a real-live steamroller (an idea SVC “borrowed” from the Tacoma Wayzgoose, who in turn “borrowed” it from a group in San Francisco). Beautiful Angle will be steamroller printing from one o’clock to 2:15, so that’s when you want to be there.

Join the fun from one to six at 500 Aurora Ave N. This event is put on by Seattle’s beloved School of Visual Concepts.

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