Thursday, August 18, 2011

A Matter of Life and Seth

My teen noir novel, A Matter of Life and Seth, has been completed (at least by me) and sent to my agent, the esteemed Abigail Samoun. After three chapters, Abigail said she liked it. Hope she still feels that way at the end. She asked me to write a synopsis. Here's what I came up with:

The setting is the streets of Tacoma, Washington. The hero is sixteen-year-old Seth, a tough high school dropout who lives with his mom in an apartment above a boxing gym. Seth’s part-time job brings him into contact with wealthy teen femme fatale, Azura Lear, and her controlling father.
When his mother is discovered dead in her car one night, Seth finds himself alone in a dangerous world. The police put little effort into investigating the case, so Seth takes it upon himself to solve the murder on his own. His quest for the killer takes him on a vivid tour—with a view only available to an urban teenager, taking the reader from the jocks and rich kids at the local high school to the colorful hangouts and characters of the inner city, from the wealthy addresses of Azura’s North End to the violent streets of the notorious Hilltop.
Seth may be falling in love with Azura, but he wonders if it’s possible for their love to last in spite of their different backgrounds and neighborhoods—hers rich and sanitized, his poor and deadly. His world has never been as full of danger as it is now, as Seth’s investigation brings him into contact with cold-blooded killers and demanding questions about death, family and his own morality.
Combining a brazen noir style with a teenage narrator who is both hard-boiled and heartfelt, A Matter of Life and Seth is a fast-moving mystery that swings to a modern urban rhythm.
That's the end of the synopsis.

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